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The award-winning film about a US Marine veteran returning home from war. Just back from combat and burdened by the physical and emotional scars of war, Justin (Bryan Kaplan) faces a new battle to find purpose and opportunity in the land he fought for.

Genre: Drama
Director: Geoff Ryan
Cast: Bryan Kaplan, Marisa Costa, Wes Harris

"Handled with grit and authenticity"
LA Times
"Emotionally intense"
Film Threat
"The main strength is its quietude"
LA Weekly
"As subtle as it is explosive"
"What true independent film is capable of"
"Beautifully dark but brilliant, with a sense of foreboding"
"One of the best movies of the year" The Video Vacuum



"People need to see this." - Cliff E., MD, US Army

"Absolutely fantastic film! I was quite shocked, in a positive way, by how human and real this film was. I served as a private contractor in both, Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks for putting such genuine heart into your work! It will bring a lot of good to a lot of people.  You will never know what your film has done for us and our families." - Gunter S.

"Fray gets it right. Maybe you watch it and it prompts you to make the call that could save a life."
- Jeff Edwards, USMC - read full blog post here.

"This movie touched my soul." Doris Rivas, Radio Host, US Army veteran

"I am a former Navy Corpsman, I spent 4 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. I would like to say to you that your movie Fray, which I watched tonight, is a great film. I cannot say thank you enough for it. The silence of the film may leave people who only understand mindless action lost. But, when I watched the movie, so often I felt at times I was watching part of my life. I could see the anger, rage, sadness, hopelessness, courage, and despair that that man felt. Wow.
Thank you sir, C.M."
- C.M., Navy Corps

"It is shot beautifully, acted honestly, it is heartbreaking, yet still leaves you hopeful."
- Elizabeth D. (from

"The acting in this movie is superb and the story line all too believable."
- Terry C.A. (from

"This film effectively pulled me into the characters state of mind, and gave me an understanding and experience worth having." F. Hoffman (from


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